Army camp – Military container and shelter projects

Army and Military container Camps

Karmod Container is committed to quality, with design capabilities that supply the military, government institutes, and private companies worldwide.

Karmod offers an extensive package of services tailored to the specific requirements of army use. Our certified container complexes for special military applications conducted under difficult circumstances are converted, modified and kitted out totally in accordance with each client’s own particular needs. A new, adaptive protection system designed in-house at Karmod can be configured to protect individual containers or complete camps. The accommodation units, sanitary installations, gensets, laboratories or switchgear we supply can, if necessary, be equipped with special insulation to enable them to be deployed in regions with extreme climatic conditions.

Karmod Shelter holds decades of experience in designing and manufacturing special containers, military shelters, mobile medical facilities and cargo freight units.

Turnkey container and shelter projects
Our staff have long experience in the execution of large-scale projects for demanding clients worldwide, including turnkey mobile medical hospitals, field kitchens, water purification and desalination plants, mobile command and control systems, and communications shelters.

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