Affordable Housing Africa, Social Public Housing

Affordable Housing Africa

With the worldwide success that the prefabricated houses has acheived there is no doubt that prefab housing is the best solution for affordable housing Projects in Africa. A lot of reports have discussed the huge gap in housing in most African countries and discussed different solutiosn to solve this issue. However it seems that prefabricated structuers draw the attention of governmetns and developers in Africa and started already implementing social housing Projects based on this technology. Prefab low cost houses are ideal to low-income people with their innovative and eco-friendly technology and envornmentally friendly structures.
The Karmod prefab housing System consists of galvanized steel profiles and eps insulated cementboard Wall panels The structure is completely demountable and assembled using bolts and nuts. The structure can withstand all types of weather and is earthquake resistant. Due to simplicity in design and modular structure, production and construction costs can be reduced significantly especially for big orders. Karmod social houses are not only cost-effective but fast as one house can be assembled withing one day without need to heavy machinery.

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