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Casas pré fabricadas angola, Prefabricated Houses

 Casas pré fabricadas angola

A Karmod, fruto do seu know-how acumulado, foi a empresa seleccionada para a construção pré-fabricada desta obra de vital importância para o concelho.

Trata-se de mais uma obra no âmbito da habitação social realizada pela Karmod e que foi considerada um sucesso, tendo a empresa em vista projectos para executar soluções semelhantes noutros países como Angola, Moçambique e Brasil.

A qualidade de construção associada à rapidez com que a mesma foi construída, têm sido argumentos de peso para suscitar o interesse de várias entidades para replicar a obra construída na Maia em tempo recorde.

Karmod prefabricated Housing Development is the largest building project ever undertaken in Iraq. Phase 1 provided housing for 10,000 people with total area of approximately 175000 m². Completed within 7 months, and consisted of 1884 flats in addition to social facilities such as school, clinic, mosque and other buildings. The second phase involved production of 260 houses.
Karmod social housing Projects becamse very popular solutions for countries looking to reduce the size of housing gap they have especially African countries.
Countries like Angola are facing a number of challeges including the sourcing and transportation of Building materials, the operation of multinational and multinlingual workforce, high costs of conventional Building System, long time required to accomplish a big housing project in concrete System and many other challenges. In order to overcome these barriers government of Angola started considering prefabricated housing System instead of concrete one as it has many advantages which include quick production and assembling, training and monitoring can be easily provided onsite, transported according to international transportation stadards, and most importantly economic prices.
Karmod Prefab houses is a main provider of innovative preafbricated structures that can help government of Angola and other African countries solve the problem of creating thousands of decent housing units yearly for their people.

Aplicación de módulos vivienda prefabricadas en más una obra de referencia de Kaarmod en el continente africano. La base de vida sirve de apoyo a la construcción de la nueva ciudad de Oyala, en la Guinea Ecuatorial, y se compone en:
Viviendas Prefabricadas
Modulares Oficinas
Casas Modulares Prefabricadas
Centros de Formación Prefabricados
Centros Sociales Prefabricados
Contenedores de Obra Prefabricados
Diversos Modulos Prefabricados
Escuelas Prefabricadas
Microarquitectura Urbana Modular
Restaurantes Prefabricados
Universidades Modulares
Bancos Prefabricados Almacenes
Pabellones Prefabricados
Naves Industriales
Centro Médico

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