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Prefabricated construction Site Structures

Prefabricated construction site buildings

For construction sites that require quick and economic solution such as roads, airports, subways, fast trains construction sites, prefabricated buildings represent the most important solution. Prefabricated construction site buildings offer housing solution for site workers, managers and technical personnel.

The most competitive advantage of prefabricated construction site building is the fast production and delivery to the required location as ready to use with economic price.

Another important advantage is the flawless screw system production technology, which enables disassembling and reassembling of the building to another location after completion of the project.

Prefabricated construction site buildings can be simple single building or building complexes that contain: executive rooms, technical personnel rooms, study rooms, dining halls, dormitories, WC/shower units, lounges areas and kitchens.

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2012 Aralık 18
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