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Portable booths, Mobile Kiosks, General Purpose Cabin Shelters

Modular Portable Booths,Gatehouses, Portable Kiosks

Karmod was founded in 1986 and today with 28 years of experience it is among the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of GRP kiosks, gatehouses and car park control units.

Karmod Portable Kiosk is a portable building structure that can be used for various applications. Karmod polyester cabins are suitable structures for information booths, ticket booths and tourist kiosks.

The Karmod portable Kiosk can be custom made to suit your project specifications. Additionally Karmod has a range of other styles such as modern cabins, eco cabins, WC and shower cabins, sandwich panel cabins that can be used in different areas.

The Karmod portable Kiosk is manufactured in Karmod’s top-notch production facility under strict quality control system and can be produced from different materials.

Portable Food Kiosk , Designed as an environmentally-friendly alternative for existing street kiosks, and it tries to cope with current economic scenario and climate change issues. The body parts are of high quality and durable, this, in addition to enhancing the aesthetics forms and the structure of the unit.

Karmod cabins come as disassembled and by help of our expert teams then can be assembled quickly in requested location. They can be easily transported as they have light but strong structures.

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