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Construction Site Office Buildings with Karmod Container Technology

Karmod installs three-storey construction site container building

Karmod, the world leading Turkish brand, offers its top quality and safe worker camp that is built from joined containers. Being built using modern line production system, Karmod work site structures are made of demountable containers that can are produced in compliance with international transportation standards and can be sent to any place in the world.

Ctontainer based projects from Karmod enjoy stylish designs and ergonomic usage as they are prepared by experts in our technical office. When preparing a work site container project, we take into consideration the number of personnel that will use it and the site conditions and then offer the best solution that could come in single-storey and up to three-storey and based on different plans.

Among our work site container buildings: complex work site managers and technical staff working offices, dining halls, dormitories, recreation and meeting rooms, private laboratories, WC and shower areas and many other functions.

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2013 Nisan 24
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